Prevalence of Tobacco use among College Students of Dharan, Eastern Nepal

  • N Jha Department of Community Medicine B.P Koirala Instiute of Health Sciences, Dharan
  • B. Subba B.P Koirala Instiute of Health Sciences, Dharan


There is roughly one death every 10 seconds due to tobacco related diseases.This tobacco epidemic has affected developing countries the most, with per capita cigarette consumption increased by 67% since 1970. If present trends continue, in 30 - 40 years, this epidemic will be responsible for 10 million deaths per year with 70% of them occurring in developing countries. A survey was conducted among students of three colleges in Dharan to evaluate the prevalence of tobacco use among college students.Tota1 of 600 students were subjected to a self-administrated questionnaire related to socio-demographic characteristics, tobacco use pattern and reasons for smoking etc. About one fourth of the students were current tobacco users.They use smokeless as well as smoking tobacco products. Most of them were aware of health hazards of tobacco use.The commonest source of knowledge about the health hazards of tobacco use was radio.At present, there is no concerted efforts and programs to control the use of tobacco in the country Few efforts like raising the price of tobacco and cigarettes every year or banning advertisement in the government media do not seem to be efective and helpful to the people from not starting, discontinuing and quitting tobacco use.With the tobacco lobbies increasing in developing countries, the developing countries are becoming humbling grounds for the expansion of tobacco companies. Therefore, it is urgent to take appropriate steps to discourage such expansion before it is too late.