A Rough Determination of Fatty Acid Profile

  • B. K. Rai Central Campus of Technology, Institute of Science and Technology Tribhuvan, University, Hattisar, Dharan


The determination of fatty acid profiles of fats and oils by standard methods requires expensive and sophisticated pieces of equipment, viz., Thin Layer Chromatography, High Performance/Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Gas Liquid Chromatography. Where such facilities are not available, alternative methods have been devised and employed. Thiocyanogen method is one of such alternatives. However this method suffers seriously for two main reasons: Thiocyanogen is toxic in nature, and the method itself is not very reliable. At this point, the need for some simpler alternatives cannot be overemphasized.The present paper is one such proposals.The method attempts to manipulate routine tests based on some physicochemical properties of individual fatty acids. Preliminary experimental results were quite encouraging.The method must be validated by some standard methods, for instance, Gas Liquid Chromatography.