Production and Utilization of Compost by the Farmers in Four Selected Districts of Nepal

  • S. N. Jaishy
  • S. N. Mandal
  • R. Manandhar
  • T. B. Karki
  • K. H. Maskey


A study was conducted in 1997198 to find out know-how of farmers in producing and utilizing composts in four districts, Chitwan, Tanahu, Kaski, and Parbat of Nepal. Number of farmers interviewed were 25 from Chitwan, 47 from Tanahu, 17 from Kaski, and 35 is from Parbat. All the farmers in the surveyed district used organic manure in their farm, most of them used chemical fertilizer as well, but use of potassium fertilizer is extremely low. Proper composting technique is not followed in most of the cases. Use of starter is rare except in Chitwan, where nearly 70% used it. Pit method of compost preparation is common in Chitwan, whereas heap method is more common in Parbat In general, number of times of compost application per year corresponds to number of crops grown in a year. All the farmers of Chitwan and most of the farmers in Tanahu are applying less than 5 tonsfha, while in other districts more than 50% are applying more than 5 tons/ha