Group Theoretical Study of Substituted Saturated Fullerenes C60H60-nXn

  • L. N. Sharma Kathmandu Women's College, Tahachal, Kalimati, Kathmandu
  • D. K. Gupta Worldlink Academy, Tahachal, Kalimati, Kathmandu
  • V P. Agrawal Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, GPO Box 3323, Kathmandu


An investigation of the effects of various homosubstitutions on the symmetry group of saturated -fullerene (S60H60) has been done. Mono, di, tri and tetra substitutions in pentagonal carbons (carbons of a pentagon which is generally surrounded by hexagons) within one hemisphere reduce the point group to Cs as expected. Di, tri, and tetra substitutions on the hexagonal carbons (6,5) at the junction of hexagon and pentagon in one hemisphere yield either C1 or Cs, except alternate substitutions that give a cyclic group C3. Di substitution on hexagonal carbons (6-6) at the junction of two hexagons in one hemisphere gives C2v, point group. In case of substitutions in both hemispheres, di, tri and tetra substitutions on pentagonal carbons give C1 and CS, but tetra substitution on hexagonal carbons (6,6) gives D2h point group. It has been found that substitutions in hexagonal carbons (6,6) either in one hemisphere or both hemispheres give the highest degree of symmetry.