Estimating Infant Mortality with Special Reference to Nepal: An Alternative Approach

  • S. P. Patel Thakur Multiple Campus Tribhuvan University, Birgunj


The estimates of infant mortality rate (IMR) so far available in the country were computed from the census or survey data employing costly and sophisticated indirect techniques borrowed from foreign countries. The present study has been designed to estimate IMR for Nepal from the estimated values of minimum relevant parameters  (e.g. e  and e  ) without using any census or survey data and model life tables. The estimates of  e    required for estimating IMR have been extracted from various sources whereas estimates of e  are obtained from a suitable model developed in this paper. The validity of the models was ascertained by applying the models to obtain estimates for Nepal, comparing the estimated IMRs with those from other sources and by computing relevant tests of model adequacy whenever possible. The model was found to provide satisfactory estimates of IMR for Nepal. For instance, the model provided the most plausible estimate of IMR of 70.6 (per thousand live births) for Nepal for the year 2003, which may be considered close and consistent to the IMR of 70.0 (per thousand live births) provided by the ESCAP (2003).