Two Theorems, Fixed Point and Approximation for Multivalued Condensing Mapping in Wedges

  • M. P. Chaudhary Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007
  • S. Dewan CSIR New Delhi


Let E be a Hausdorff locally convex space and W be a wedge in E. Let D be an open subset of E and qŒD s.t. the closure  of D in convex. If f : w  ÆCK (W) is continuous condensing mapping, then there exists e0 (Œ w s.t.dPDW (f (e0), eo )  = dPDW  (f (eo), w),where  dPDW  P is the Minkoskii function of DW in E. If  dPDW  (f (eo), w ) > o then eo Œ    DW.