Genetic Study of NOD X + and NOD X – Containing Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae from Nepal and China

  • K. D. Yamil
  • A. Tempelman-Bobbink
  • T. A. Lie


Seventy eight isolates of Rhizobiunz leguminosarum biovar viciae (Rlv.) from Central Nepal and five isolates of Rlv. from North East China were made from the nodules of cultivars (cv.) Afganisthan, Nepal and Rondo inoculated with soil samples collected from diverse parts of these two countries. This is the first report that NOD X containing Rlv. bacteria similar to TOM primitive Rhyzobium strain of Afganistan pea are present in soil of Nepal and China. Among the soil samples tested those from valleys of Nepal mostly did not contain NOD X or not.