Effectiveness of Some Plant Products against the Pulse Beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.)

  • Anand Shova Tamrakar
  • Ishan Gautam


Observations on effectiveness of four different plant products of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus spp.), French Marigold (Tagates petula), Basil (Ocirnurn gratissirnum) and Crofton Weed (Eupatoriurn adenophorurn) were selected. Flower powder of French marigold and leaves powder of Eucalyptus, Basil and Crofton Weed each with four doses as 0.5g, I .Og, 1.5g and 2.0g were tested against Callosobruchus rnaculatus (F.) on cowpea (Vigana sinensis) seeds. The basil leaf powder gave the effective result in ceasing the oviposition and in mortality of insects in all four doses. Crofton weed leaf powder showed its effectiveness in ceasing the oviposition and mortality in two higher doses. Marigold flower powder halted egg laying only in highest dose but three higher doses were effective in mortality. Eucalyptus leaf powder gave the effective result in stopping the egg laying and mortality only in highest dose. There was no impairment of germination of seeds due to either of these treatments.