A Method of Preparing Bovine Lung Protein Concentrate of High Nutritive Value

  • D. Subba Central Campus of Technology, Tribhuvan University, Hattisar, Dharan


A method of preparing protein concentrate of high nutritive value from bovine lung has been described. The lung protein was extracted with an aqueous and a 9% salt (sodium chloride) solution. The extracted protein was precipitated at pH 4.5 - 4.6 and dried. The lung protein concentrate (LPC) was devoid of connective tissue protein (0.16% on dry weight basis). Significant difference was found when the values of protein quality evaluation parameters of LPC were compared with that of dried lung (P < 0.05). The LPC contained 42.7% essential amino acids in total amino acids. The content of individual essential amino acid was higher in LPC. It showed in-vitro digestibility of 83%.