Ethnobotanical Valuation on Aquatic Macrophytes of Lake Phewa and Lake Rupa, Nepal

  • P. Shrestha Department of Botany, Patan Campus, Tribhuvan University, P0.Box 7004, Kathmandu


Ethnobotanical investigation on aquatic macrophytes of two subtropical mountain lakes of Pokhara valley (Nepal) was carried out. Economic importances and ecological significance of 57 aquatic macrophytes were documented by interviewing local people and by field observation. The socio-economic importances of aquatic macrophytes include their utilization as human food, medicine, biofertilizer, fodder, fishpoison and ornamental aquarium plants. The ecological significances include their value as food item to fish, waterfowls, sheltering habitat to small fishes and aquatic invertebrates. Socio-economically adverse impacts by weedy growth of some species included; weeds in rice fields, hindrances in boating, fishing and add in siltation. To maximize beneficial impacts and minimize adverse impacts of aquatic macrophytes, need of an integrated management approach has been discussed.