Prevalence of Bacteria in Oral Cavity in Nepal: A Review

  • Anjana Singh Central Department of Microbiology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu


Oral cavity comprises teeth, tongue, cheeck and pharyngeal mucous membrane. Recent studies carried out in Nepal in 1997 of oral cavity microflora showed that viridans streptococci and Moraxella catarrhalis remained the most common isolates. where as viridans streptococci is considered as the index of respiratory pollution of air. Previous study showed B-haemolytic streptococcus Group - A (1.08%). streptococci Group - C (0.9%), B-hmolytic streptococci Group - G (2.75%). While a survey conducted in Pharping village showed B-haemolytic streptococci Group - A was 5.1 %.