An Appraisal of Human Impact on Vegetation in High Altitudes (Khumbu Region) of Nepal

  • D. R. Bhuju Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. GPO Box 3323. Kathmandu
  • Prabina Rana


Impact of anthropogenic disturbances on vegetation through growing trekking in the Khumbu region encom-passing Sagarmatha National Park in north-eastern Nepal Himalaya is reported. Five major sites at an interval of 500m covering the altitudes from 3000m (near Lukla) - 5000m (near Lobuche) were examined where species richness decreased with increasing altitude. Littering was found in every 27.6 human steps (ca 14 m) and the tree wounds were rampant on the major trek route. Effects of growing tourism on the alpine vegetation of the region was vividly noticeable. Development of confined trail for the visitors to close supertluous paths and monitoring change in resources are suggested.