Soil Fertility Decline in Nepal: Problem and Strategy

  • S. P. Rijal


Soil fertility and plant nutrition have very important role in sustaining increased agricultural productivity In Nepal, recent trend has shown that one of the major factors responsible for downward trends of agricultural productivity is the fertility decline. The depletion of macro and micro nutrients in soil are resulted due to intensive cultivation, soil erosion, inadequate supply of olganic manure, crop residue, green manure, and injudicious use of chemical fertilizers. Soil conservation is another important management practice, which deserves close attention. Contouring, strip planting, cover cropping, reduced tillage, terracing, crop residue management help to eliminate or minimize the loss of soil from water and wind erosion. To achieve the desired results, a holistic approach from concerned line agencies is envisaged. An attempt was made to review the some of the problems and constraints of soil fertility decline in Nepal so that strong implementation program will be generated in the future.