Incidence and Distribution of Aphis craccivora Koch on Various Host Plants in Mid-hill and Terai of Nepal

  • Anand Sova Tamrakar Central Department of Zoology, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur Kathmandu


Aphis craccivora Koch (cowpea aphid) was recorded to have infested 28 plant species of diferent families. Among these plants Cajanus cajan and Dolichas lablab were severely affected in almost all the localities observed, followed by Vicia faba, Phasiolus mungo, Ageratum conyzoid and Phaceolus sinensis. On the other host plants, little ormoderate infestation was observed. Aphis craccivora was found to be parasitized by Lipolexis scutellaris Mackauer(Hymenoptesa : Braconidae) with high rate of parasitism. This parasitoid was also parasitized by AIloxyster pleuralis(cameron). A number of new association of Aphis craccivora in tetratrophic relations (food plants, apluds, parasitoid and hyperpasasitoid) were observed.The geographical distribution of this aphid spread at lage and is found inmany regions of Nepal such as lowlandTerai, Chure hills, vallies and top hills.