Removal of Dyes from Carpet Dyeing Wastewater by Oak Charcoal Column

  • R. Shrestha
  • M. Y. Lee
  • M. B. Gewali
  • H. Hinode
  • T. Kajiuchi


In order to devise a simple process to treat waste-water from dyeing industry, a fixed-bed column using oak charcoal as packing material was developed. This packing material had the following characteristics: when 0.5 M HCl rinsed charcoal was used, breakthrough occurred at 40 bed volumes as compared to 28 bed volumes for unrinsed charcoal. Base- acid rinse increased 41% efficiency of adsorption. The efficiency of adsorption was about 141% after first thermal regeneration and 250% after second thermal regeneration. However, after third regeneration, the packing material lost mechanical strength