Impact of Dust Pollution on Some Road Side Flora in Butwal Town, Western Nepal

  • B. R. Nepali Department of Botany, Butwal Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Butwal
  • Y. P. Gyawali Department of Botany, Butwal Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Butwal


With increased road transporation, Nepal is no-exception now facing increased air pollution.The problem is high mainly in its urban area owing to urbanization, population pressure, vehicular pressure and growing industrialization.Butwal, an industrial town in western Nepal is facing high air pollutioddust particle these days.The present work deals with the quantitative studies of dust accumulation and chlorophyll content in three diferent plant species, Delonix regia, Azadirachta indica and Mangifea indica found at three different road sides, i.e., Chauraha road (cross road) near highway, Hospital road and Butwal Campus road in the town.The amount of dust deposit on leaf surface indicates that Chauraha and Hospital area are more polluted than the Butwal Campus area and the chlorophyll content data shows that the Chauraha is more polluted area than other areas studied in Butwal town. On the basis of amount of  dust deposit and chlorophyll content, Chauraha was the most polluted area. Howeverthe increased level of dust and decreased level of chlorophyll in all studied areas than the less polluted area show that Butwal town was suffering from some level of air pollution. The study foresees the forthcoming level of pollution of the town and warns the concerned authorities to be serious towards the problem and to take up efficacious projects to check it.